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    1. The Modern Network for a Future Ready Business

      Join VMware executives, customers and industry thought leaders for an online event discussing the need for a modern network. They will showcase VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network, and highlight networking solutions that deliver agility, transparency and simplicity. Your network needs to be agile enough to manage the critical applications that meet your customer needs. Whether it’s quickly spinning up an option for curbside pickup, a mobile patient check-in procedure, or a new feature for distance learning, these applications have one requirement in common: a network that puts the user experience first.


      Select Your Preferred Region 


      Virtual Cloud Network Event - America

      November 16, 2020


      Virtual Cloud Network Event - EMEA

      November 17, 2020


      Virtual Cloud Network Event - Japan

      November 17, 2020


      Virtual Cloud Network Event - China

      November 17, 2020

      Asia Pacific

      Virtual Cloud Network Event - Asia Pacific

      November 17, 2020


      Pat Gelsinger

      Chief Executive Officer, VMware

      Rajiv Ramaswami

      Chief Operating Officer, Products and Cloud Services, VMware

      Tom Gillis

      SVP/GM Network and Security Business Unit, VMware


      Modern Applications Connectivity Services
      Multi-Cloud Network Virtualization
      Physical Network Infrastructure

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